Septembers Maxie EP/LP release of ROCKTHAMIC by DJ Woogie Fresh includes G Flow Records biggest street grinders that bring the culture of what it takes to get to the top...Look our for Aritst Like D-Block, Bundle, Young Bleech and Moor... For Live Stream-Listening Sessions, ordering CDs, Booking and More click on the Cover to enter this code  with your email or Contact kid Flave Fashions at or call: 720.515.6729

(C)(P)TM2013 G Flow Records A Unit of A DJWOOGIEFRESHISFAMOUS FILM presents SOUNSTHATPOUND Comcast Channel 56/Denver 219/Aurora, Colorado The Voice of the Underground featuring:

Volunteer Hour and Aid Division INC-Desirae Lynn Modeling-SCOOP NEMETH-G Flow Records


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