May is the ALL MY HEART Maxie EP/LP Release By DJ Woogie Fresh with Sign-Up for Urban Jungle Business Plan Press Kit and Art Show Competitions...Be sure to Attend the CINCO DE MAYO Celebration and the launching of the Colorado branch of TRAP DOOR ENTERTAINMENT at PitStop Tavern. Please contact Lady BoogieDown All-Stars For More info: or call: 720.443.3348 

April is a big month with The Woogie Nugget Release by DJ Woogie Fresh with Denver Def Jams and Kid Flave Fashions continues with the "4-Shows-4-One ticket Promo" that includes the Woogie Nugget CD and going to 4 live show across Denver.  For more info: or Call: Shantel-4-Real (720) 515-6729 5 

Aprils Release of Maxie EP/LP Single called the Woogie Nugget By DJ Woogie Fresh is a celebrated 420 Release and Sound track includes the promo that offers a representative from the Lady BoogieDown All Stars Event with the option to provide Planner, VIP-Hosting, Bottle & Street Team Services for more info: or Call: Shantel-4-Real (720) 515-6729 ) 515-6729

March release of the Maxie EP/LP single of the TRIBE  tells the story of G FLOW TRIBE. G Flow T.R.I.B.E is strike force performing team with DJ Woogie Fresh that serve as his Advisers make a great opening act and street-team for any event please contact or call 720.295.6657

Februarys Release of PHATBOYS By DJWoogie Fresh is the collab between  G FLOW TRIBE and Denver Def Jam from the house band BoogieDown All-Stars started the broadcast performance tour with,, & DOM/cable Comcast Channel 56/Denver, 219/Aurora, Colorado

For More Info: or call:


Januarys UNDERGROUND of RAP WARS with KBZ, 2RAWW, Mr. Verbal and Julie JackHammer with sign-ups to talent shows, battles, mix-tape/soundtrack and urban jungle biz package with presskit. 4-more information: or call: 720.443.3348

 (C)(P)TM2013 G Flow Records A Unit of A DJWOOGIEFRESHISFAMOUS FILM presents SOUNSTHATPOUND Comcast Channel 56/Denver 219/Aurora, Colorado The Voice of the Underground featuring:

Volunteer Hour and Aid Division INC-Desirae Lynn Modeling-SCOOP NEMETH-G Flow Records


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